Sarah Grasso

Graphic & Website Designer | UI/UX Designer

About Me

I am a highly motivated, multi-talented designer seeking a position where I may exercise my passion for innovation and creativity while also utilizing my depth of experience in the fields of marketing, web design/development and print design. In addition to my artistic abilities and panoply of technical skills, I am an enthusiastic team player with exceptional collaborative and interpersonal abilities.

With my eight years of experience, I am accustomed to performing in strict deadline-driven environments and within a clients budget requirements. My goal is to give my clients the best experience and end product to help their business convert prospective customers effectively and with ease.

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About Me: The Professional

Branding / Logo Design

Print & Visual Design

Website Design, UI/UX, & Campaign Ideation

Enjoys client communication and learning how to effectively help them achieve their goals.

Can spot bad kearning from a mile away.

Secretly loves identifying fonts in advertisements while yelling "I KNOW THAT FONT!".

About Me: The Human

Married to my highschool sweetheart, Joshua.

I'm funny, or at least my 2 year old thinks so...

My friends think I'm a crazy cat lady...

Am slightly addicted to caffine.

I used to be able to do a double axel

I binge watch netflix whenever I can.

Picked up tennis on a whim, and won the league championship on my first try.